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China arrests thousands for environmental crimes as U.S. continues allowing heavy metals in food supply

(NaturalNews) It's no secret that, while many people in the United States continue to forge on with harmful agricultural sprays, unnecessary deforestation and creating foods loaded with heavy metals, other parts of the world are dedicated to stopping such horrors in their tracks.

For example, France just announced a ban on the private sale of Monsanto's glyphosate. Many areas in Europe have also banned certain junk foods -- namely citing health-harming ingredients -- which are still sold in U.S. supermarkets. And in China, Environment Minister Chen Jining recently told members of the National People's Congress's that, if people commit environmental crimes, they'll receive violations, or will be arrested, fined or jailed. It's that simple.

People in China face unlimited fines, jail time for environmental crimes

In fact, during this recent bi-monthly session, he informed members that, just last year alone, 3,400 companies and 3,700 construction sites were in violation of environmental laws. In addition to these violations, over 3,100 workshops were forced to shut down after inspections deemed it necessary. Tired of China's mounting problems with air pollution and issues with soil and water, Jining has vowed not just to express concern about these problems but to actually do something about them. He even threw out more serious numbers, noting that criminal cases turned over to police from environmental protection departments in 2014 were double what they were a decade prior.

Furthermore, he stated that $1.58 billion (9.8 billion yuan) was put aside in 2014 for special funding to specifically focus on controlling air pollution. As for 2015, a new environmental law has been in place since January which could incur unlimited fines and time behind bars for repeat offenders.

Clearly, the man means business.

Sadly, the U.S. sits back and watches as other countries take charge of health
While such news is uplifting, its disheartening at the same time. It's as if the United States continues to sink in environmental quicksand while many other parts of the world make strides. Sure, there is the urging to eat organic foods and for people to do their part when it comes to reducing food waste and minimizing pollution, but it's simply not enough.

Monsanto continues to smile all the way to the bank. Corporations want us to buy into the junk food lifestyle. Children in this country have been given secret vaccinations. Animals continue to face intolerable farm conditions which contaminate the environment. The evidence that these matters are problematic isn't just a figment of our imagination, either. The harms they present to the environment and to human health have been proven.

Heavy metals exist in the foods that humans and pets eat in the United States, yet tolerance for these crimes continues
Consider the fact that Mike Adams, the Natural News Health Ranger himself, has personally delved into the issue of heavy metals found in common United States supermarket items. He's assessed a huge range of products; everything from pet foods and cereals to superfoods and beverages have been thoroughly examined, and the results have been eye-opening. For example, he was the first to shed light on the fact that small metal fragments are added to the popular cereal Wheaties. Bothersome amounts of heavy metals such as arsenic, aluminum, lead and mercury have been identified -- many in startling quantities -- through his lab work. He even appeared on The Dr. Oz Show to talk specifically about the dangers of heavy metals in our food supply.

Still, there are companies out there that continue to manufacture products with heavy metals. Where are the penalties when it comes to these crimes? Intentionally feeding people poison is a crime, isn't it? How many people here have been arrested for committing these and other environmental crimes? Instead, there's often a mere slap on the hand, at the most. It's like a kid dipping into the cookie jar: He knows it's bad and that others get mad when he does this and that even his own health is compromised. Yet, day after day, he will continue to engage in the unhealthy act if there are no consequences for his actions. Our government and many of our corporations are much like a child who knows better but simply doesn't care.

And so America goes on, admiring the environmental fortitude of other countries with a sense of sorrow-filled hope.

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7 Ways Alcohol Affects Your Health

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, however exactly what about a beer a day? Or for that matter, a glass of wine and even a shot of booze?

It's well-established that consuming too much, even every once in a while, is not good for you, but there's typically uncertainty relating to how moderate drinking affects health. There are some negatives, and some positives, so decisions about whether to consume truly depend on individuals' private situations, stated Dr. Sam Zakhari, the director of the metabolism and health results at the National Institute of Alcoholic Abuse and Alcohol addiction.

However initially, establishing what "moderate drinking" suggests essential for anyone trying to find health benefits related to alcohol, Zakhari stated. For guys, small amounts mean no more than two drinks a day, while for ladies, small amounts imply no more than one beverage a day. Zakhari highlighted that consuming seven drinks in one day, and not consuming the rest of the week, will have considerably even worse effects on health, although it averages to the same levels of intake.

Inning accordance with Dr. Robert Gish, of the University of California, San Diego School of Medication, moderate levels can be a bit greater daily, at one and a half beverages for women and 2 to 3 drinks daily for men. But it is essential to take a couple of day of rests each week from drinking at all, Gish stated.

Even though drinking at moderate levels has some advantages, as soon as individuals begin drinking more than the advised amounts, benefits decrease quickly, and problems arise, Gish said.

" If you tell individuals they can have a beverage, or a drink and a half a day, they have the tendency to overconsume," Gish said.

Zakhari noted that one drink amounts to one bottle of beer, one glass of wine or one shot of liquor. Drinking a big glass of wine counts as two drinks, not one. But, he added, since the advantage is of the alcohol itself, positive results can originate from regular, moderate consumption of any of these kinds of alcohol.

" drink is a drink is a drink," he stated.

Here are a few of the health effects of moderate drinking-- there are some benefits, but likewise some harms. Reduces risk of cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular disease

When consumed in small doses, alcohol can reduce blood pressure, though when consumed in excess, in can have the opposite result.

Additionally, alcohol assists to make fat from the arteries, and reduces the blood's tendency to embolisms, Zakhari stated. These results help to limit the possibilities of heart problem and heart attack. Inflamed arteries that block blood circulation are troublesome for the heart, as it does not receive the oxygen it requires. Alcohol intake encourages smoother blood flow, therefore lowering the danger of heart problem.

Red wine also has the extra effect of lowering cholesterol levels, although that advantage is unique to that drink, Gish kept in mind.

Decreases danger of stroke

For the same reasons that moderate consuming can minimize the risk of cardiac arrest, it likewise lowers risk of certain kinds of strokes.

The most common type or stroke, called ischemic stroke, takes place when a vessel bringing blood to the brain gets "clogged," Zakhari stated. "The alcohol helps the blood go to the brain, and for that reason, it decreases stroke."

The other type of stroke, hemorrhagic, occurs when blood seeps out of a brain blood vessel. Because of alcohol thins the blood, it, in fact, makes this kind of stroke worse, but because hemorrhagic strokes just represent 20 percent of all strokes, there is still a clear advantage, Zakhari stated.

The benefits of alcohol on heart disease and stroke enable some individuals to argue that moderate consumption is associated with longer life expectancy.

How well you sleep during the night

A glass of wine might be a pre-bedtime routine for some. However, it is critical to understand how the alcohol impacts your sleep. For most people, one serving of alcohol before bed will have no effect on sleeping. But more than one drink may-- alcohol helps people drop off to sleep, but makes it most likely they'll awaken throughout the night.

" You will sleep quicker, however not better," since alcohol disrupts Rapid Eye Movement, Zakhari stated.

Furthermore, individuals often utilize an alcohol as a means to go to sleep, particularly if they've drunk great deals of caffeine during the day, Gish said. This combination might seem to work on the surface area. However, it is not a healthy in the long run, Gish stated. He tells clients with sleep issues to cut all alcohol and caffeine out for two weeks to comprehend where the problems lay.

Minor diuretic effect

Alcohol is a diuretic, implying that one of its results is to encourage water to leave the body quicker. Problem drinkers can end up being dehydrated, and people tend to go to the bathroom frequently while drinking.

In modest quantities, this minor diuretic impact is not harmful, Zakhari said. Nevertheless, if an individual is currently slightly dehydrated before having a drink, maybe from heat or from exercising, the impact will be more evident.

The effect is greatest in beer, Gish said and is less apparent for hard alcohol or wine.

Another reason drinking alcohol is typically related to being dehydrated is that people tend to snack on salted foods when drinking, which adds to dehydration, he kept in mind.

Enhances social interactions

While drinking excessive is frequently has a damaging effect on relationships, consuming reasonable amount can improve social interaction, Zakhari stated.

" It boosts cognition, so it makes people more convivial and increases social interactions," he said. For individuals who drink in a bar, strangers often start conversations, and there are great deals of jokes and laughs, he stated.

Nevertheless, the change in behavior can go both ways, Gish cautioned.

" Many think that alcohol is psychotropic it alters people's state of mind," he said. It can make them more pleasant, or more irritable, depending on the person, he included.

Hinders medications

Even at moderate levels, alcohol usage can interfere with medications in possibly unsafe methods, Gish stated. Alcohol is processed by the liver when alcohol and other substances exist in the body; alcohol takes precedence.

This implies that other medications which are likewise dealt with in the liver, will not be broken down as quickly, so people will feel their impacts a lot more.

Medication handled by the liver particularly be a problem if the body becomes familiar with having to filter out alcohol regularly because this will cause the liver to rev up its breakdown procedures. Then, if someone stops drinking for a couple of days, the liver will process medications too quickly, which can have serious impacts, for instance, for people who take medication to prevent seizures, Gish stated.

The common pain reliever acetaminophen (found in Tylenol) is filtered from the blood by the liver. People who consume any alcohol needs to restrict their use of Tylenol.

" Tylenol is the best pain medication in the world, supplied you remain at the limit," Gish stated.

What does it cost? your kids drink

Alcoholism is partially genetic, so family history is typically associated with individuals' threat of the illness. However, whether you opt to drink can still impact your child's choice on imbibing, regardless of the danger of alcoholism.

"If you grow up with parents who pray before supper, you'll pray before dinner," Zakhari stated, indicating that the same circumstance occurs in children mimicking just how much their parents drink.

Opting to consume moderately, however, can result in kids imitating such habits later on in life, so they could also take advantage of the favorable impacts of alcohol.

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Make Your Life Easy And Cool With An Undercounter Ice Maker

If you love hosting parties or if you have a large family, ice is a commodity that you simply won't be having enough of. If you constantly run out of ice, then investing in an ice maker is something you should be seriously thinking of. One of the several factors you need to consider before purchasing an ice machine is its type. When it comes to ice makers for residential purposes, you could choose either a portable ice maker or an undercounter ice maker. If you have high requirements of ice every day, then the latter would be an ideal choice.

Undercounter ice maker, also referred to as built-in ice maker, is designed to be installed under the counter or in between your cabinetry. For those who give detailed attention to the design and appearance of the kitchen, this type of ice maker is highly recommended. With its sleek design and attractive look, an undercounter ice maker fits right into your cabinetry and can even make your kitchen look stylish and trendy. This type of ice maker is mostly 15 to 20 inches wide and can produce up to 60 pounds of ice per day. The unit is equipped with a big ice storage capacity that allows it to store the large amount of ice produced.

Although most of the modern versions of the undercounter ice maker do not require a drain, there are other machines of this type that needs one. Drain-free models tend to be cheaper and easier to install than other types. These machines also need a permanent water line and so an expert plumber should be called in for installing the unit. It is important that the water inlet pipe connector, direct drain outlet and drain pump outlet are all connected properly in the right outlet before switching on the machine. This type of ice makers are relatively smaller in size due to which they do not take up too much space inside the kitchen. Prices of undercounter ice makers usually fall between the range of $350 and $5,000.

With an undercounter ice maker, you will never go in short of ice. The machine will help you have as much ice as you want, any time of the day as long as there is a constant supply of water and proper drainage. All you need to do is make sure that everything is connected properly, the unit is getting proper water supply, and the drain line is not clogged. These machines are easier to handle and they produce much clearer and tastier ice. They also help you save money as you don't have to rush out every time to get bags of ice.

Ice is a must-have in every household, and the continuous demand for it makes an ice maker, a necessary equipment in the kitchen. Fast, cheap and convenient, the undercounter ice makers are made compact, which allows them to easily fit into small spaces and blend well with the kitchen cabinets. These fast and efficient machines can produce fresh and crunchy ice within a short span of time.

The Secrets Of The Maui Coffee Production - Akamai Coffee Co

From the time the Hawaiian coffee plants blossom to when the coffee is brewed by the consumer, the production process includes rigorous quality control measures to ensure buyers that every cup they enjoy contains the finest and highest quality ingredients and is truly worthy of the 100% Maui coffee label.

Just like many fruits, coffee starts with a fragrant, delicate and beautiful blossom. These blooms will develop into coffee cherries, and the seeds of the ripened cherry are the coffee beans with which we are so familiar. The Hawaiian Islands have the perfect geography and weather to support the coffee trees and allow them to blossom starting in February or March. By May, the coffee cherries are beginning to form. They are ripe by September, and that's when the cherries are almost ready to be picked.

The harvesting takes place between October and December. Often, harvesting is done round the clock in three shifts of workers. This allows the finest cherries to be picked one by one in the shortest amount of time. During this process, only the ripened fruits are harvested, which means that hand-pickers return to the same trees and produce as the coffee cherries are ready. Sometimes, the pickers return to the same tree up to 8 times. After the Maui coffee cherries are harvested, they are delivered to the processing plant within the shortest period.

There are two different processing methods - dry and wet processing. Dry production is the process that requires the fruit to be dried by direct sunlight or on the raised screens. At this phase, fermenting, water-based sorting and skin peeling take place. This results in the dried coffee cherries turning into hard, dark brown pods. The green pulp and a green seed are then removed from the skin of the pod, and the remaining parchment layers are pounded by hand.

This hand process helps to eliminate the defects. Wet processing is also known as washed coffee. This changes the natural product into a green espresso bean for cooking. Amid this procedure, water is utilized at the wet plant to transport the seed through the proceedings. This permits a snappier and less demanding technique for expelling deserts since they glide at first glance. In customary wet handling, the wet factory is the place the external skin of the organic product is evacuated - or the espresso is pulled, as the agriculturists say.

After the flawed beans are evacuated, the staying astounding beans are aged, washed and dried. These can be dried by direct sunlight on a screen or patio, or they can be dried using a mechanical dryer. The final step in the Maui coffee production is the sorting step, which takes place in the dry mill.

There is a color sorter where an electronic eye scans each bean and checks it for color. This is how the finest coffee beans are selected, and the rest are rejected. Selection is highly critical because the quality of the beans impact the quality of the coffee. Hawaii has gained the reputation of producing the finest coffee worldwide, and this bean selection process is essential to maintaining that quality.

Before the product is labeled as 100% pure Maui coffee, each batch is graded and capped according to a very strict grading system.

Taste the best Maui has to offer at Akamai Coffee Co.

A Waffle Machine For Your Kitchen

A fairly recent addition to small appliances designed for use in the family kitchen is the modern version of the waffle maker. This machine consists of two metal plates that come together, with a flavored batter residing inside, which are then heated until the fully baked 'waffle' is extracted for eating. This technology is many hundreds of years old and probably originated in Belgium in Europe.

The modern waffle maker machine consists of two cast iron plates, often with non-stick surfaces, pivoted together within a stainless steel housing. The cast iron plates are designed with a mirror image of criss-cross patten with indentations that, when the plates come together, they form cavities which can then contain the waffle batter. The plates are mainly electrically heated and all waffle makers feature basic controls for switching on and off, and controlling the baking temporatures etc.

The best waffle maker machines must produce a perfectly cooked, hot waffle that has a fluffy texture and is not burnt. It must be sturdy for every day family use, yet of a size and weight that allows it to be stored easily in your own kitchen, which may have limited storage space available. Some of the best ones are designed to be show pieces and look sleek and beautiful in any kitchen decor. A typical example of the modern waffle maker is described in this video:

When considering what type of machine to easily make waffles you and your family like to have, you should first decide if waffle making is the only requirement for the product. There are some other appliances that are really intended for other things but can in fact make waffles as well. However you will not have as much control of the end result as you would get from a dedicated waffle maker.

Dedicated waffle maker machines come with a wide variety of plate shapes, which offer square, rectangle, round or heart shaped waffles, not to mention Mickey Mouse or Hello Kitty! Additionally the thickness of the completed waffle varies from machine to machine.

Each machine comes with at least basic controls for on/off, temperature and timer. Budget range waffle makers may have manual or mechanical switches and timers and simple 'lamp' power indicators. As the range progresses towards premium machines, and the cost increases, the use of digital technology increases and machines start to feature more complex monitoring and control features and digital displays that give every bit of information needed to produce the perfect waffle every time, easily.

The taste for finished waffles is very personal and top end machines even allow 'browning control' so that everyone can stipulate not only how fast a waffle should be baked and at what exact temperature, but also how brown it should be at the end of the process. Now that's a perfect waffle.

The internet is a good place to start searching for your new waffle making machine, with sites such as and large stores offering a wide range from most manufacturers. At those websites you will also see feedback from previous customers to help you decide on which model to choose.

Before buying on the internet however, it is always worth going to your local hardware store or supermarket to look at the model you have chosen and to see first-hand how easy (or not) it fits into your plans for the perfect waffle maker.

For more information on the best waffle machines currently available, you may wish to visit

10 Things You Can Make With An Ice Cream Scoop - Its Not Just For Ice Creams

If you think that the ubiquitous ice cream scoop is just for, well, your favorite cold dessert, you will be amazed at just how versatile this particular kitchen utensil can be. However, let us be clear that what we are referring to as the versatile ice cream scoop is the disher type that has a mechanical scraper built-in into the hemispherical scoop. While the one-piece ice cream scoop that resembles a deep and oversized spoon can be versatile as well, it pales in comparison to the number of practical applications of the traditional ice cream scoop or disher scoop.

Dishers come in different sizes often with reference to the quart. So a Size 4 means you have ¼ of a quart or 4 level scoops into a quart. A Size 16 disher therefore is 1/16th of a quart or roughly equivalent to about 60 mL or about 2 ounces. Technically, this is where the versatility comes in. A traditional ice cream scoop or disher can make for an excellent measuring tool for all of your cooking needs. And, because of its hemispherical shape, it can create beautiful balls about almost anything.

Here is a list of what you can do with the traditional ice cream scoop.

1. Fabulous looking side dish:  Think mashed potatoes, macaroni salad, or even brown rice perfectly molded to complement your main dish

2. Pancakes:  The trick to creating beautiful, rounded, and equal-sized pancakes is to make sure you put equal batter on the pan each time. Stack them up before drizzling with your favorite pancake syrup

3. Muffins:  Your need muffins that will bake all at the same time. You want them golden brown. You dont want some to be burned to crisp while others are still pale yellow. Portioning your muffin batter allows for beautiful muffins.

4. Cookies:  The key again is in accurate portion sizes. Because you will be using exactly the same measurements, you are guaranteed to make beautiful and crunchy cookies every time with a cookie dough scoop.

5. Cupcakes:  Like your muffins, all you have to do is to scoop a level portion of your cupcake mixture and pour it into your ramekins or cupcake wrappers and you are good to go.

6. Meatballs:  We couldnt even begin to tell you how wonderful meatballs look on your classic meatball spaghettis. Need bigger meatballs? Use a Size 4 ice cream scooper.

7. Fruit balls:  Melons, watermelons, papayas, and even pears and apples. Carve out beautiful fruit balls and use them in your fruit punch. Or put them on a skewer for an instant fruit-cue.

8. Hamburger patties:  You need big, juicy hamburger patties? Get a Size 4 or a Size 6 ice scooper. That should give you equally-portioned meat patties.

9. Ice cream pops:  Stick a popsicle stick onto your portioned ice cream balls, put them back in the freezer and let them set before taking them out.

10. Sandwiches:  If you made a tuna or chicken sandwich spread, the disher is the right tool for the job especially if you will be serving a lot of people.

The list goes on. Technically, you will only be limited by your creativity when it comes to using the traditional ice cream scoop, whether you use plastics scoops or metal scoops, or even the high quality commercial ice cream scoops.

Cooking With A Halogen Oven

Does cooking an entire dinner in a glass bowl that is plugged in to an electric outlet on your kitchen counter sound a little weird? It shouldnt. If you have a halogen table-top oven in your kitchen you will know this is a great way to cook a meal.

You can find halogen ovens for sale on shopping channels, small appliance sections in a store or even online. Today they have become a very popular way to get a meal from the freezer to the table in only a few minutes.

The one thing that most people love about these small appliances is that they don't take up a lot of space in the kitchen. As well they cook everything in one pot that would normally take up an entire oven. In fact you can saute, boil, roast or even bake cakes and you can do it three times faster than when using a conventional oven.

This type of oven uses halogen heating elements that convert electrical energy into intense heat. They rely on the infrared waves along with a high performance fan to circulate the heat throughout the bowl. This action cooks the food fairly quickly and does it without a lot of energy being used.

The halogen oven comes with a clear glass bowl that has a lid that contains all the workings for the oven. This includes the halogen light bulb along with the fan. Since the bowl is glass you will be able to see your food cooking. It also come with a temperature nob and a timer.

Cheaper than a conventional oven, they take up less space and are ideal for small apartment kitchens, camping or the cottage.

The halogen oven may be small and compact but you will be able to get a surprising amount of food in the bowl. In fact you can easily cook a medium sized chicken or turkey and add vegetables around the meat in the bowl. This way everything is cooked in one place.

The oven usually comes with a couple of wire shelves so you can put food at difference heights depending on the amount of direct heat you need. You can for instance put potatoes on the top rack and other vegetables and cook your chicken on the bottom rack.

Because the heat is circulated with a fan you get even cooking with a halogen oven so you dont have to turn the meat or vegetables during the cooking process. Also, the meat turns out moist and tender from this cooking method. The heat is not a dry heat like you get in a conventional oven so you will find you can produce a melt in your mouth experience when you cook chicken or turkey or even steak.

How To Make A Rich Cappuccino

There is nothing better than the taste of a good Cappuccino especially first thing in the morning although it is pretty special anytime of the day. Cappuccino is a rich, dark coffee that originated in Italy. The name comes from the resemblance of its color to the robes worn by the monks of the Capuchin order.

A Cappuccino is a lighter coffee drink because of the large volume of foam that sits on top of the espresso. You make this lovely drink using both steamed and frothed milk along with espresso coffee. The foam sits on the top and if you like you can sprinkle it with nutmeg, cinnamon or chocolate.

First You Should Start With Good Espresso Beans

To make a really good Cappuccino you have to start with a good quality espresso bean. The best way to do this is to first grind the beans that need to be ground very fine. Then you press the espresso down firmly using a high pressure espresso machine. The creama should be visible on top of the espresso as a golden-brown foam.

What is The Difference between a Cappuccino and a Latte

Lattes are very similar to Cappuccinos since they are half espresso and half milk. With a latte you add the milk to the cup so it mixes with the espresso. This way the milk doesnât actually stay on the top of the espresso.

How to Make the Froth

If you have an espresso machine chances are it comes with a frother. If not you can manually make the frothed milk by using a French press. You will need to heat up a cup of milk on the stove first. Next pour the milk into the French press and pump the plunger for a few minutes to create the froth for your cappuccino or latte. You can also buy separate milk frothers.

Using a Cappuccino Maker to Make a Rich Cappuccino

If you like to drink Cappuccino a lot you probably should get an espresso maker so you can make your own anytime you want. One of the benefits of having an espresso maker is that you can make steamed milk with the machine. Keep in mind that if you will be making more than one espresso drink at a time, you may want to purchase an espresso maker so that you can make several cups at once.

If you are going to make this delightful coffee beverage on a regular basis you may want to invest in several accessories including grinders, espresso cups and milk jugs. If you know you will be drinking Cappuccinos or Lattes daily, having your own machine will save you money in the long run. Going to the local coffee shop everyday can get a little expensive.

One of the benefits of having your own machine is that you can make an espresso anytime without having to run to the local coffee shop. You just need to walk to your kitchen and whip up a Cappuccino or Latte anytime you feel like it.

How To Find The Best Mandoline Slicer

When we buy things for our kitchen, the idea is to acquire something thats not only worth the purchase but to get something that will help out our kitchen process. This is particularly true for items that are intended for handling the food we eat. Thats why when youre looking for something like a slicer, its ideal to buy the one that gives the best value for your money. The best mandoline slicer can be a great advantage for the common cook and should become a mainstay in all kitchens across the globe. If you want to find out how you can choose the best mandoline slicer for your needs, this simple guide should help you along the way.

How to Choose the Best Mandoline Slicer

1. Do Your Research Today, the internet is probably the most reliable source of information at our disposal. There are tons of online resources that make it easy to find out the latest details on many products available on the market, and this should be your starting point when looking for the best mandoline slicer. Read reviews, check out brands, and find out as much as you can about your pending purchase. You can even opt to contact manufacturers if you have any questions regarding their products. The idea is to get as much information as you can before you shell out any of your hard earned cash to save you from spending on a bad product.

2. Ask Around You probably have a few family members or friends who already have mandoline slicers. In your search for the best mandoline slicer, it would be a smart move to ask your friends and family about the ones they have at home. Ask how happy they are with what they have, if theres anything else they want from their mandoline slicer, and if theres anything that they might like to change about it. This will give you a better understanding of how users find their mandoline slicers and what you should look for in the one youre hoping ot purchase.

3. Watch Demonstrations Many department stores and other shopping centers will allow you to watch and perhaps even try out product demonstrations and you can use this to your advantage. Ask about the available mandoline slicers and request if you can see a live demonstration. Keep all of the information youve previously accumulated in mind and see if the slicer youre looking into truly is the best manodoline slicer for your needs. This is also the time to ask about prices so that you can have a better idea of how much you should prepare to buy the item. Some slicers arent cheap, which is why you should ask before you make your decision. If you suspect that one of the products is too pricey for the functions and features it offers, dont be afraid to move to the next option. Many of these slicers are overpriced simply because of their brand and thats not necessarily a smart investment.

3 Kitchen Utensils You Simply Cannot Live Without

The modern kitchen is nothing less than a place where creativity and imagination abound. While you may be tied to following the recipe at any given time, flashes of ingenuity, no matter how small, can occur from time to time. Such moments of culinary brilliance call it a stroke of luck can be best carried out if you have the correct tools for the job. This means you have the correct kitchen utensils, kitchen appliances, and food utensils to whip up a culinary masterpiece. But seriously, what kitchen items can you not live without?

Sharpening Stone
While kitchens will always have knives of varying sizes, functionalities, purposes, and construction, all of these will be useless without a whetstone or anything that can sharpen the edges of knives. While you can always bring them to your favorite tool shop to be sharpened, it pays to have a sharpening stone or tool in hand in your kitchen. You can choose among diamond stones, oil stones, and water stones which can also be great not only for sharpening your knife set but also for other kitchen utensils that need sharpening, like your trusty kitchen shears.

Box Grater
Sure a microplane is perfect for a lot of different applications, but nothing can compare to the versatility and functionality of a box cheese grater . It can serve as a cheese grater, a vegetable shredder, a fruit slicer, and even a course nut grinder. The convenience of the box grater is unparalleled especially when you need to create delectable and rich tasting soups consommés, bouillabaisses, and gumbos as well as other soup-based dishes that will require finely grated or shredded ingredients. Think of creating your own Neapolitan pizza? The slicing hole of a box grater will be perfect for making those beautifully cut thin slices of cheese then topped with mozzarella, either shredded or thinly sliced.

Kitchen Thermometers
While sticking a piece of toothpick onto your pastry will give you an idea if it is already baked through or not yet, you cannot poke a wooden toothpick into a slab of meat so you can say it is already cooked through and through. A meat thermometer is thus very important for every modern home, lest your Thanksgiving Day turkey or roast beef will be crispy on the outside yet raw and bloody on the inside. Oven thermometers will be indispensable when you are on a baking mission. A thermometer that is specifically designed for refrigerators will ensure that the fridge temperature is kept below 40oF, otherwise you have bacteria all over your food.

These are the three kitchen items that all professional chefs all over the world cannot live without. Dont you think its about time you have these in your kitchen, too?